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Frequency Operating Standards

The Australian Energy Markets Commission's (AEMC) Reliability Panel has responsibility for determining the frequency operating standards that apply in Tasmania. The AEMC Reliability Panel's determination on the Tasmanian reliability and frequency standards has been published on its website.

In April 2008, the AEMC Reliability Panel undertook a review of the Tasmanian frequency operating standards. Details of that review are available here.

Until 29 May 2007, under the provisions of the Tasmanian Electricity Code (TEC), the Reliability and Network Planning Panel (RNPP) had the power to monitor, review, amend, substitute or replace the Tasmanian determination on power system frequency operating standards.

The RNPP's last review (the 2005 review) was completed in February 2006.

2005 Review

The RNPP completed its 2005 review of the frequency operating standards that apply in Tasmania and notified the Regulator of its decision to replace any previous determinations with the Frequency Operating Standards for the Tasmanian Power System - Decision (the Decision), effective from 20 February 2006. The Decision details the procedures followed by the RNPP, the issues raised through consultation, the RNPP's response to these issues and the subsequent amendments made to the standards. The Appendices to this document contain the Regulator's Terms of Reference and all submissions arising from consultation.

The review highlighted a number of issues relating to frequency control that have arisen since Tasmania's entry into the National Electricity Market - issues that may be resolved to some degree with Basslink interconnection. Any future review of the standards will have the benefit of Basslink operational experience and this, together with a comprehensive analysis of the costs and benefits of making any fundamental change to the standards, will result in the most appropriate standards for Tasmania.

In reaching its decision, the RNPP followed the review process detailed in the TEC as follows:

The RNPP commenced its annual review of the standards as required under clause 12.6.3(a) of the TEC in accordance with terms of reference issued by the Regulator on 22 June 2005. The RNPP issued a Position Paper in August 2005 and invited licensees and interested parties to comment on the RNPP's view as set out in the paper on or before 20 October 2005. The Panel received submissions from the following licensees and interested parties:

Hydro Tasmania
Transend Networks Pty Ltd
National Electricity Market Management Company Ltd (NEMMCO)
Comalco Aluminium (Bell Bay) Ltd
Alinta Limited

A hearing was held on 28 October 2005 at the Office of the Tasmanian Energy Regulator in Hobart.

The Panel considered the issues raised by interested parties during the consultation process and made several amendments to the proposed standards. The Panel considered that further consultation was warranted, given the nature of the changes.

The RNPP prepared a Consultation Paper and invited licensees and interested parties to make further comment.

Submissions were received from:

Hydro Tasmania
Aurora Energy Pty Ltd
Department of Treasury and Finance

2004 Review

The RNPP completed its 2004 review of the Frequency Operating Standards, as required under clause 12.8.3(b) of the TEC, and submitted its 2004 Determination to the Regulator.

Details of the 2004 review are available here.

2003 Review

The outcome of the 2003 review of the Frequency Operating Standards, as submitted to the Regulator, is contained in 2003 Determination on Frequency Operating Standards. The Determination will be effective from 1 August 2004 giving the System Controller time to implement necessary support systems.

Details are available here.

Past Consultations and Determinations

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