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Home > Electricity > Electricity Past Consultations - 2004
Electricity Past Consultations - 2004

December 2004

November 2004
  • The Regulator invites submissions in relation to proposals by Aurora Energy for the introduction of direct debit discounts and late payment fees.
  • The Reliability and Network Planning Panel (RNPP) commences its 2004 Reliability Review and invites Code Participants and interested parties to comment on its Issues Paper.
  • The Regulator has provided responses to submissions received from the electricity entities.
  • The Regulator publishes submissions received in relation to the proposed licences for NEM entry in May 2005.
  • The RNPP received submissions from Hydro Tasmania and Transend on its draft determination of frequency operating standards for Tasmania.

October 2004
  • The Regulator had an obligation to review the effectiveness and operation of the Distribution Powerline Vegetation Management Code after 18 months of operation. The review of the code commenced with taking comment from interested parties, where specific consideration was to be given to the appropriateness of the code in terms of scope, standards specified, implementation, and Aurora's communication and consultation in respect of the code.

Submissions have been received from:
Sorell Council
Electricity Ombudsman
Electricity Standards and Safety Office
Dr Eva Finzel
Department of Primary Industry, Water and Environment
Clarence City Council
Aurora Energy
Further submission from Aurora Energy
Tasmania Fire Service

In addition to these submissions, a confidential one was also received. It raised a number of issues including:
  • Whether the code should be mandatory;
  • Aurora's communication and consultation;
  • Undergrounding of powerlines;
  • Inclusion of commercial crops as an important vegetation category;
  • Aurora's use of emergency powers; and
  • Powerline wayleaves.

These submissions will be taken into account by the Regulator in preparing a Final Report

If you have any queries or require further information please contact Alison Turner on 03 6233 3632 or via email at

September 2004
  • The RNPP has prepared a draft determination on frequency operating standards and invites Code Participants and interested parties to comment.
  • The RNPP completed its 2004 review of Capacity Reserve Standards and decided that no changes to the existing standards were necessary.
  • The RNPP has prepared a response paper addressing issues raised in the submissions and expects to release a draft determination for further consultation in September.

August 2004
  • The RNPP released an Issues paper on the review of frequency operating standards in June 2004 and received three submissions in response from Hydro Tasmania, NEMMCO and Australian Paper.
  • The Regulator released a Discussion Paper and a draft Ringfencing Guideline in July 2004, containing his proposals for the separation of distribution services from contestable services.

Submissions have been received from:
Ergon Energy
Origin Energy
Treasury and Finance
Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
These submissions will be taken into account in making the final guideline.
  • The Regulator released an Issues Paper in July 2004 highlighting the issues that are being considered during the APAYG review. The Regulator also sought public submissions on issues raised in the Paper.

Submissions have been received from :

Energy Retailers Association of Australia (ERAA)
The Electricity Ombudsman
Verbal Submission
Rosemary Cramp Hobart
Further Submission - The Electricity Ombudsman
Email Submission - Centacare

These submissions will be taken into account prior to the Regulator releasing his final report and recommendations.
  • The Regulator has requested Aurora prepare a tariff strategy prior to Tasmania joining the National Electricity Market. Tasmania is scheduled to enter the NEM in 2005 and from July 2006 customers with consumption greater than 20 GWh will be able to purchase electricity from the retailer of their choice. Further tranches of retail contestability will occur over time giving more customers the option of choosing their preferred electricity retailer. This contestability may see a number of customers receiving their electricity accounts from a retailer other than Aurora Energy. Network tariffs are required so that Aurora can recover the cost of providing Aurora's distribution system (poles, wires, cables, etc.) from customers, no matter which retailer the customer chooses to purchase his or her energy from. Development of network tariffs will also facilitate the development of its retail tariff strategy. Aurora is undertaking a consultation process for the development of distribution tariffs during 2004. A discussion paper, The Formation and Introduction of Network Tariffs, Discussion Paper, March 2004 was released by Aurora for public comment in March 2004 and is available on Aurora's website. It is expected that a further paper will be released in August 2004. The Allen Consulting Group (ACG) has prepared a report, Review of Aurora's Distribution Tariff Proposals, July 2004, at the request of the Regulator. This report provides comments on Aurora's March 2004 discussion paper. The consultant's comments are intended to assist interested parties in making submissions to Aurora on network tariffs, inform Aurora in developing its second discussion paper, and draft and final distribution network tariff proposals. It is expected the second discussion paper will also include Aurora's proposals in relation to its retail strategy.

July 2004
  • The Regulator has released an Issues Paper highlighting the issues that are being considered during the APAYG review. The Regulator has received a Submission from Aurora to assist with the review.
  • The Regulator is seeking submissions from the public on matters contained within the Issues Paper or Aurora's Submission. The closing date for submissions is 13 August 2004.

June 2004
  • The Reliability and Network Planning Panel commences its annual review of Frequency Operating Standards with release of an Issues Paper. Submissions to the review close on 29 July 2004.
  • The Reliability and Network Planning Panel commences its annual review of Capacity Reserve Standards with the release of a Position Paper. Submission to the review close on 29 July 2004.

May 2004

March 2004
  • The Reliability and Network Planning Panel commences its annual review of Guidelines for power system directions by the System Controller with the release of a Position Paper. Submissions close on 20 May 2004.
  • The Regulator has released the Terms of Reference for a Review of the Regulatory Arrangements for the Aurora Pay As You Go Service and has also requested Aurora provide the Office with a submission by 30 April 2004. The Regulator will release an issues paper after receiving the Aurora submission and public submissions will then be invited.

January 2004
  • Under the cover of a letter dated 25 November 2003, Green Pacific Energy Bell Bay Pty Ltd applied for the transfer to it of the electricity generation licence held by Energy Equipment Pty Ltd. The Regulator invites written submissions.

November 2003
  • The Reliability and Network Planning Panel commenced its 2003 Reliability Review and published an Issues Paper as a means of generating discussion with Code Participants and interested parties on matters affecting the reliability of the Tasmanian power system.

    Submissions closed 12 December 2003. A hearing was also held at 2:00pm on 19 December 2003 at the Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator.

October 2003

June 2003
  • 2003 Investigation into Electricity Supply Industry Pricing Policies, Draft Report

Submissions closed 4 August 2003.

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