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Gas Regulation in Tasmania
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Tasmanian Gas Codes
Tasmanian Gas Codes
Tasmanian Gas Codes
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Gas Licences Issued
Licence Holder
Effective Date
Expiry Date
Effective Date of Last Amendment
Current Licence
Past Licences, Notices and Amendments
Origin Energy Retail Pty Ltd
(LPG only)
1 June 2008
31 May 2018
Notice of Variation No. 1
(effective 30 September 2016)
Aurora Energy Pty Ltd
12 February 2014
11 February 2024
12 February 2014
Notice of Renewal
Tas Gas Retail Pty Ltd
21 August 2013
20 August 2023
21 August 2013
Notice of Renewal
Transmission (Pipeline/Pipeline Facility) - Construction

TGP Pty Ltd
15 July 2013
14 July 2038
Tas Gas Networks Pty Ltd
30 September 2011
29 September 2036
30 September 2011
PDF Icon Statement of Reasons
Transmission (Pipeline/Pipeline Facility) - Operations
TGP Pty Ltd
(originally issued to DEI Tasmania Holdings Pty Ltd, then BBI TGP Pty Ltd)
14 August 2002
13 August 2027
BOC Limited
12 March 2011
11 March 2036
12 March 2011
Statement of Reasons
Tas Gas Networks Pty Ltd
28 May 2012
27 May 2037
Distribution - Construction
Tas Gas Networks Pty Ltd
13 May 2003
12 May 2028
20 November 2015
Notice of Variation No.19
Distribution - Operations
Origin Energy Tasmania Pty Ltd
(LPG only)
1 June 2008
31 May 2033
12 September 2016
Notice of Variation No. 2
Tas Gas Networks Pty Ltd
14 July 2003
13 July 2028
20 November 2015
Notice of Variation No. 4

Certificate of Allocation Agent
The Gas Customer Transfer and Reconciliation Code provides that an Allocation Agent is to be certified by the Regulator. The role of Allocation Agent is to estimate and allocate gas quantities to retailers at a receipt point, on a daily and monthly basis, in the absence of actual known daily and monthly metered quantities of gas for all customers. When the customer's gas meters are read, which may be months after the estimation had been completed, the Allocation Agent adjusts the amounts previously estimated as required. This allocation and the monthly/yearly reconciliations will determine the liability of each retailer for distribution and transmission charges.

The Regulator has certified Tas Gas Networks Pty Ltd to be an Allocation Agent. The current Certification is valid for three years, effective from 22 June 2015.

Previous Certifications can be viewed at the Past Distribution Licences, Notices and Amendments Page.

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